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Custom Micron Series

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This series offers top-class airbrushes intended for all professionals.


The airbrushes of the Custom Micron Series enable delicate and accurate spraying that all elite professionals demand. Our pursuit of the highest levels of performance and atomization has resulted in an extremely high quality finish. The airbrushes employ a nozzle head system that allows high atomization even at low pressures using cutting-edge technology. In the final stage of production, experienced engineers conduct a spraying test for every airbrush to be shipped. Only those proven to meet our stringent criteria are put on the market. All this is aimed at ensuring our products are delivered to professionals across the world in best condition. With high particle granularity and smooth operation, the Custom Micron Series airbrushes guarantee high levels of accuracy and reliability. Try our top-class airbrushes - the Custom Micron Series.
Custom micron head system

The nozzle base, which is different from the conventional type of head, has three holes for air passage, taking into consideration the flow of compressed air. This causes the air to be dispersed, thereby enabling fine atomization of the spray. The nozzle head system, which consists of four parts, undergoes repeated spray testing and fine-tuning until the spray characteristics are as perfect as possible. When the need for parts replacement arises, it is recommended to replace the whole head set (all of the four parts). The nozzle is available in two bore sizes: 0.18 mm (smallest) and 0.23 mm. Enjoy drawing fine lines with our superb airbrush.

Air adjusting knob (CM-CP only)
The airbrush has an air adjusting knob at its tip for air flow fine-tuning. It allows the air flow rate to be controlled at the handle. Adjusting air produces a sandy or grainy texture. The knob enables optimal fine-tuning that professional painters demand.
Scaled preset handle
Every Custom Micron Series airbrush comes with a scaled preset handle. The handle enables the paint flow to be adjusted. With the scale, it is always possible to set the paint flow to the same value.

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