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Coating Equipment & System Related Devices:Spray Gun-Related Products


Spray Gun-Related Products
  • Spray Gun-Related Products
  • Spray Gun-Related Products
  • Spray Gun-Related Products
  • Spray Gun-Related Products
  • Spray Gun-Related Products
  • Spray Gun-Related Products
  • Spray Gun-Related Products

Lineup of spray gun-related accessories

Aqua Dry Gun (for Water-Based Paint) (ADG-1BV)


  • Multiplies a small amount of air to provide high volume air output.
  • Ideal for water-based paint that is slow to dry.
  • Usable for drying solvent-based paint as well.
  • The design of the plastic grip is similar to that of ANEST IWATA's spray guns, which fits into the hand of an average Japanese painter and provides a soft feel.
  • Comes standard with a ball valve to allow the gun to be turned on and off at the handle.


Model ADG-1BV
Mass 400g

L-Shaped Rotary Joint (ARJ-02L)



  • The angled joint sheet allows easy handling of the hose.
  • Failure costs can be reduced by preventing the air hose from coming into contact with the paint surface during a coating job.
  • The hose does not get in your way when coating the interior of the trunk, inner side of the doors, underbody parts of the vehicle, etc.


Nodel AJR-02L
Mass 46g

Rotary Hand Pressure Gauge (AJR-02L-VG)



This product is intended for air pressure control and coating efficiency improvement.
Controlling air pressure at hand ensures stable air supply and coating.


  • Compact hand pressure gauge that stays in balance when attached to the spray gun
  • The hand pressure gauge is combined with the L-shaped rotary joint, allowing easy handling of the hose during a coating job.
  • The gauge has a plastic cover on it for such purposes as to prevent the glass surface from being fogged or contaminated with solvent and to keep the gauge cover from breaking or cracking.
  • Adjustment method: Cylinder


Model AJR-02L-VG
Mass 95g

Hand Pressure Gauge (AJR-02S-VG)



  • Easy-to-use straight type with a screw for fine-tuning
  • A hand pressure gauge is a must-have item for automotive refinishing as pressure adjustment is indispensable in color reproduction.
  • Particularly, for water-based paint that is expected to come into wider use, pressure needs to be the same at all times because a difference in pressure can cause a substantial change in color. Therefore, the demand for this product is projected to increase.


Model AJR-02S-VG
Mass 120g

Center Cup Gun Holder (GH-WH-02)

ガンスタンド(横置き) ガンスタンド(壁掛け)


  • The holder comes with a base and can be installed anywhere.
  • The wall-mounted type holder allows the gun to be hung with the air hose attached to it.
    Applicable spray gun: LPH-300/W-300/LPH-400/W-400


Model GH-WH-02
Mass 510g

Spray Gun Maintenance Spanner



Model Applicable Spray Gun Model
Spanner(93538600) W-101, LPH-101, WA-101, WA-200, WA-101R, LPA-101, LPA-200
Spanner(93280881) W-50, LPH-50, RG-3L

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