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Coating Equipment & System Spray Guns:Low Pressure Spray Guns

LPH-80/300/400 Series

Low Pressure Spray Guns
  • Low Pressure Spray Guns
  • Low Pressure Spray Guns
  • Low Pressure Spray Guns

Center cup guns with excellent weight balance

・Automotive refinishing
・Plastic Coating
・Automotive Coating
・Metal Coating
・Woodwork Coating
・Liquid application


  • Excellent weight balance
  • The paint container on top of the spray gun provides an excellent weight balance, ensuring the gun fits in the hand.
    The gun is 15% lighter than the previous model in total mass (LPH/W-400).
  • Flat thin-layer pattern with efficient mist dispersion
  • Even coating is provided with water-based and high solid types of paint as well for which atomizing has been difficult to realize.
  • Environment-friendly spray guns
  • LPH-300/400 is an environment-friendly low-air volume, low-pressure spray gun with high transfer efficiency and little spattering.
  • Paint filter featured as a standard component
  • The spray gun is equipped with a 60 mesh paint filter that removes dust and other foreign matter

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