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Supernova Series WS-400

Automotive Refinishing Spray Guns
  • Automotive Refinishing Spray Guns
  • Automotive Refinishing Spray Guns

ANEST IWATA enlisted PININFARINA, the renowned Italian design house to embody the perfect form with beauty and practicality.

For clear coat

For clear coat
Hand pressure gauge (accessory)AJR-02S-VG

Hand pressure gauge (accessory)


  • Suitable for water-based base coat paint and high solid clear coat paint.
  • Designed by Pininfarina S.p.A. of Italy - one of the best design firms in the world, the form of this model is a perfect mix of beauty and utility.
  • ANEST IWATA engineers have turned the ultimate design, created jointly by Italy's prestigious Pavia University and the Pininfarina design team by keeping ergonomics in mind, into a commercial product.
  • The newly developed cap realizes completely flat thin-layer spray patterns.
  • The spray gun reduces problems such as uneven coating of metallic or pearl paint caused by a medium- or high-height pattern or a thick coat and boil and pin holing in high solid coats.

Paint nipple

A mechanism is employed to allow the paint cup to be screwed and unscrewed with a small number of revolutions.
The length of the paint nipple and the diameter of the paint cup have been designed newly.
The lower center of gravity enables stable coating work.

Air cap

The wider screw pitch allows the air cap to be screwed and unscrewed with a small number of revolutions.
This reduces the time required for maintenance work.

Control devices

While keeping design in mind, the spray gun has knobs that are easy to operate even with a gloved hand.

Dedicated nozzle needle

The newly designed dedicated nozzle offers thin-layer flat patterns, meeting the operability needs of professional painters.


The painters can operate the trigger "as they wish."

Ergonomic slim body

The hand-fitting grip helps reduce the burden on the wrist during long hours of work.

Content of the Assy

Spray gun WS-400 models
Cup PC-G600P-2
Hand pressure gauge AJR-02S-VG
Other accessory Spanner

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