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In May 1st, 2016, ANEST IWATA reached 90 years since its foundation. ANEST IWATA
 has led coating equipment and air compressor field in the Japanese market over 90 years since we were established, and continue to supply the world’s first products. The “ANEST“ in ”ANEST IWATA”, our company name, contains the sentiment of “Active & Newest Technology,” our aspiration to be a development-oriented company that is always vigorous and possesses cutting-edge technologies. 
As we approach our 100th anniversary, our goal is to become a "True World-Class Company" with our ONLY ONE products, with the group companies working together (ONE ANEST IWATA) to be NUMBER ONE (No. 1) in each market. Each and every employee of the ANEST IWATA Group around the world will come together as one in his/her respective field and endeavor toward the realization of that aspiration.

About the anniversary logos

The logo on the left side shows a part of a spray gun inside the round part of the number 9, with the number 0 representing the mechanical part (coil) of a scroll compressor. In the logo on the right side, the letters G and O in GLOBAL ONE are put together above the alphabetical string, forming the word "GO." Around the word "ONE," which signifies our common goal of unity, are arranged the three keywords corresponding to our targets: ONLY ONE, NUMBER ONE and ONE ANEST IWATA.

How the ANEST IWATA was born, looking back 90 years ago.

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