2. Change in the Corporate Slogan

Change in the Corporate Slogan

The ANEST IWATA Group has changed its corporate slogan from "Active & Newest Technology" to "Active with Newest Technology."The "&" has been replaced by "with." Although the change seems to be minor, the new slogan represents our determination to continue to make active efforts to develop cutting-edge technologies for a new future. We make clear the values that the ANEST IWATA Group delivers as a true development-oriented company, as well as the means and methods that we adopt to achieve those values. We are ready to pursue new growth.


Past, present, and future

Establishment of the former slogan "Active & Newest Technology" in 1996

In 1996, we changed our company name from "Iwata Air Compressor Mfg. Co., Ltd." to "ANEST IWATA Corporation." At the same time, we established the corporate slogan "Active & Newest Technology." Representing "cutting-edge technologies useful to society," the slogan has helped bring home the basic principles of Iwata-ism - useful technology, beloved products and a bond of trust. It has been positioned as a statement about the ANEST IWATA Group, which is a development-oriented company that is always energetic and capable of creating innovative technologies and seeks to realize an enriched society where sustainable growth can be achieved with safety and assurance.

Cutting-edge technologies taking us to a new future

Society now faces a host of challenges including widening disparity and global warming. Moreover, the spread of new coronavirus infections is not only putting the lives of people in danger but also has thrown the world economy into severe stagnation. Amid this situation, we at the ANEST IWATA Group hope to create vitality in society and help people lead active lives through the cutting-edge technologies of our coating and air energy businesses. To make our message clear, we have reflected once again on the relationship between "Active" and "Newest Technology." We see "Active" as a value that is shared by all stakeholders including customers, investors, and employees and "Newest Technology" as a means or method to achieve it. The change from "&" to "with" reflects this way of thinking. Cutting-edge technologies will take us to a new future. We now champion the value of "Active" and are committed to delivering it to the world through cutting-edge technologies.

Building an active workplace

The ANEST IWATA Group is not just focused on making society and livelihoods active but also keen to build an active workplace in a world where new working styles are needed. In the workplace, diversity should be respected and every employee should be able to bring out their individuality. The workplace should be a place where anyone can try new technologies with no fear of failure. We are committed to creating an environment where all members of our workforce can work in an active and friendly atmosphere.

Mid-term business plan "GLOBAL ONE"

The ANEST IWATA Group is promoting a mid-term business plan through fiscal year 2021 with the aim of becoming a "True World-Class Company." We strive to become a true development-oriented company that continues to provide unique (ONLY ONE) products. We also seek to become NUMBER ONE (No. 1) in each market. All the group companies work together (ONE ANEST IWATA) to implement the "GLOBAL ONE" business plan. To meet this goal, we will pursue new growth under the slogan of "Active with Newest Technology."

About the logo design of the corporate slogan

The letter A in "Active" is shaped after a part of the first domestic spray gun model manufactured by Iwata Air Compressor Mfg. Co., Ltd., the starting point of our company. We think that "vitality with no fear of failure" always comes from a fresh attitude toward the original purpose. The logo of the corporate slogan is similar in shape to the monumental part of the corporate brand logo. This makes the corporate brand logo and the corporate slogan logo look like a "parent" and a "child." Also, we want each employee of all our divisions to embrace this slogan as their own mission and to think about what is the "Newest Technology" for them. To reflect this idea, the logo design is accentuated by the letter i (i.e., the first person) in blue, our company's corporate color.

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