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Eco Nozzle


Eco Nozzle
  • Eco Nozzle
  • Eco Nozzle

The two-fluid nozzle creates super fine mist with a small amount of compressed air. It is a cooling nozzle that uses vaporization heat.

The nozzle can be used not only for humidification and cooling but also for static protection, dust suppression, food warehouse humidification and air refreshing.
(Note: The types of fluid that can be used are limited. Check with us before use.)


・The super fine mist bounces back, instead of bursting, when hitting the surface of an object; therefore, the object becomes hardly wet.
・The two-fluid nozzle creates super fine mist.
・Mist can be sprayed over a longer distance than a one-fluid nozzle.
・The nozzle requires little installation space and can readily be used for humidification.
・No feed pump, high-pressure hose or piping is needed.
・The nozzle can be affixed anywhere you like, using a clothespin or clip.


Model Nozzle orifice bore
Air consumption Fluid output
 (mℓ /min)
(MPa) (ℓ /min)
EN-2 0.5 0.3 17 22 90
0.2 11 13
0.1 6 4
* In the case of water, the suction lift is about 500 mm.

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