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Liquid Application Equipment Coating Equipment:Hand Spray Gun

Special Spray Gun for Photocatalyst and Hydrophilic Solution

Hand Spray Gun
  • Hand Spray Gun
  • Hand Spray Gun
  • Hand Spray Gun
  • Hand Spray Gun

The LPH Series offers improved atomizing and functional performance.



・Provides a flat application pattern with an even layer of particles.
・Provides a wide pattern even at a low flow rate.
・Delivers higher atomization performance by lowering the inlet pressure of the spray gun.
・Offers higher coating efficiency in short distant spraying (150 mm or so).


Special spray gun for photocatalyst solution
Creating super hydrophilic film for anti-fogging, antifouling protection, antibacterial protection, water cleaning, gas decomposition, etc.


Model Applications Features Nozzle orifice bore
Atomizing air pressure
High atomization General-purpose atomization   Spray distance
Pattern width
Fluid output
[mℓ /min]
LPH-50-S5 For interior coating   With one-touch adjusting knob 0.4 0.2 400 150 20
(Fluid output: 0 to 20mℓ ・min)
LPH-50-S9-04   0.4     0 to 15
LPH-50-S9-06   0.6     0 to 22
LPH-50-S9-10   1.0     0 to 35
LPH-101-124LVG For exterior or industrial coating   1.2 200 150 40
LPH-101-S18     1.0 150 200 40
LPH-101-S19   LPH-101-S18 with one-touch adjusting knob 1.0 150 200 40
(Fluid output: 0 to 80mℓ ・min)
LPH-101-S23 For specific coating material manufacturer
High atomization
  With one-touch adjusting knob 0.5 150 200 40
LPH-101-S27   0.8 150 200 40
LPH-400-S1   Short-distance large spray pattern 1.2 0.15 150 300 45
LPH-101-S34   Jam nut locking type with one-touch adjusting knob 1.0 0.2 Fine flow control can be exerted.
(comparison with LPH-101-S19)
(Fluid output: 0 to 50mℓ /min)
* The fluid cups are sold separately.
* As a gravity fluid cup, one made of stainless steel is recommended.
* General paint cannot be used for LPH-101-S18, LPH-101-S19, LPH-101-S23, LPH-101-27 or LPH-101-34.
* Before using these spray guns, make sure you understand the properties of the photocatalyst and hydrophilic solution.

- Basics for photocatalyst solution coating -

  1. The coating method is different from the general spray coating technique.
    ・The thickness of coating film is from 0.1 to 1 μm (exterior coating).
  2. Do not coat in a transparent atomization state. Do not leave an uncoated area.
    ・Coating skill is required (use the manufacturer's training).
  3. An oil-free compressor is used.
    ・The chemical reaction with airborne oil mists may lead to improper coating.

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