2. Liquid Application Equipment
  3. Feeding Equipment:Pressure Tanks
  4. Stainless Steel Pressure Tank (bottom-ejection type)

Liquid Application Equipment Feeding Equipment:Pressure Tanks

Stainless steel pressure tank (bottom-ejection type)


Pressure Tanks

Materials are ejected from the bottom of the tank, enabling supply of highly viscous materials that are difficult to supply from a conventional top-ejection pressure tank.

The wetted part is made from stainless steel, allowing the tank to be used for water-based or reactive liquids, or materials with a low viscosity.

Wooden furniture: Application of adhesives to dowels and tenon joints.
Metalwork: Application of abrasives for buffing
Electronic components: Application of liquid gasket
Resin coatings: Use as a hardening agent tank for two-component hardening coatings


Item Model
Overall Capacity 12 21
Maximum Capacity
for Common Use
10 17
Maximum Operating Pressure (MPa) 0.5
Approximate supply viscosity range (mPa·s) 0~10,000
Tank Material SUS304
Mass (kg) 13 15
Connection Screw
《Air inlet》 G1/4
《Liquid outlet》 G3/8
*This tank is not designed for supplying liquids to be consumed orally, such as food items or medication.

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