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Vacuum Pump Selection Guide

Features of ANEST IWATA's vacuum devices


Conventional oil-sealed rotary pumps uses oil for sealing, which causes oil mists and back-diffusion of oil, resulting in contamination of room air or oil stains on the floor. ANEST IWATA developed an oil-free scroll pump for the first time in the world. The pump, which solves oil contamination and maintenance problems, is used by many customers in a wide range of applications from cutting-edge industries in the field of physical and chemical science to general-purpose use.

The scroll mechanism is adopted whereby the processes of suction, compression and exhaust proceed continuously with little change in torque, resulting in low vibration and low noise. The suction chamber and exhaust chamber are not adjacent to each other, making the pump less prone to leaks and highly efficient.

◆Air cooled
The use of an air cooling system, instead of a water cooling system, eliminates the need for the burdensome job of maintain cooling water, allowing the pump to be installed in places where it was formerly difficult to install it. Another feature of ANEST IWATA's vacuum devices is that they are light and compact and designed to minimize the installation space.

Extensive product lineup

The performance of a vacuum pump is determined by its ultimate pressure and pumping speed. ANEST IWATA provides a wide variety of vacuum pumps, each with a different ultimate pressure and a different pumping speed. Customers can select the products that suit their budget and needs.

* Ultimate pressure: The closer to zero this value is, the more likely it is that high vacuum may be obtained. It is expressed in Pascal (Pa). One Torr, the formerly used pressure unit, is equal to approximately 133.322 Pa.
* Pumping speed: This indicates how many liters can be exhausted per minute. The unit is L/min.

VTU/VTCシリーズ ISP/SDMシリーズ VMCシリーズ DVSLシリーズ GVSシリーズ

ISP Series (Scroll Meister)

■Best-selling medium- and high-vacuum pumps.
The ISP Series consists of five models supporting medium- and high-vacuum pressures of 1 to 20 Pa and pumping speeds of 50 to 1000 L/min. The pumps, designed with focus on performance, boast an excellent track record in both cutting-edge industries and general-purpose applications. A new compact model, ISP-50 (50 L/min), has been added to the series.

Applications : Analyzer, deposition equipment, radiation facilities, gas circulation and recovery, etc.

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・SDM Series
A new high-vacuum, low-vibration model, SDM-320, has been added to the lineup. Being even lower in vibration among the low-vibration ISP Series models, the pump can be used for research purposes.

DVSL Series (S Dry)

Resistant to vapor exhaust and optimal for general use.
The DVSL Series, best suited to low- to medium-vacuum pressures of 30 to 100 Pa, offers five products of three models supporting pumping speeds of 100 to 1010 L/min. These products feature the air-flush function that ejects water remaining in the pump. DVSL-501E-HC, a new model with its surface specially treated for enhancement in durability, has been added to the lineup.

Applications : Vacuum, deairator:, forming, drying, etc.

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GVS Series

Reasonably priced, functionally advanced general-use pumps.
The low-vacuum general-use pumps of the GVS Series support ultimate pressures of 500 and 750 Pa. There are three pumping speeds to choose: 1000, 500 and 250.

Applications : Vacuum, deairator:, forming, drying, etc.

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・VMC Series
VMC-1000 is a booster cart to be used in combination with GVS-500E, 501E or 501E-HC. It allows the ultimate pressure and pumping speed to be boosted up to 10 Pa and 1000 L/min, respectively.

VTU/VTC Series

Vacuum Pump system to realize even higher vacuum.
The VTU/VTC Series offers high-vacuum pump system that realize 10-5 or 10-6 Pa when used with an ISP Series pump. There are two compact and reasonably priced VTU Series products (for ISP-50 or ISP-90) and four larger VTC Series products (for ISP-250) that can be customized according to the purpose.

Applications: Vacuum Pump system

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* We will be happy to meet special specifications or customize the product according to the specific purpose of the customer.

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