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Coating Equipment & System Spray Guns:Airless Guns

Airless Spray Gun ALG-7/72/73

Airless Guns

Greater ease of cleaning

・Construction Coating
・Steel frame Coating


Greater ease of cleaning

  • Larger paint passages reduce passage resistance and prevent paint slag from depositing.

Enhanced safety

  • The withstanding pressure is more than four times the maximum operating pressure. For safety enhancement, the spray lock has been removed. (The gun has the safety lock, as the previous models do.)    

Greater ease of handling

  • The trigger design has been reviewed to reduce the trigger load for smooth trigger operation.    

Compact and lightweight

  • The gun has been made significantly lighter while maintaining its pressure resistant structure.    

High maintainability

  • No special tool is needed to assemble and disassemble the gun. All you need are general tools such as a spanner and a hexagon wrench.    
  • The needle valve set is provided as an assembly, making the assembly work easier to do.    
  • A nozzle tip is not supplied.  Nozzle Tips and Corresponding Models (88KB)

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