2. Liquid Application Equipment
  3. Related Devices:Hose/ Hose joint
  4. Fluorine Liner Hose / Stainless Steel Hose Joint

Liquid Application Equipment Related Devices:Hose/ Hose joint

Fluorine Liner Hose / Stainless Steel Hose Joint

Hose/ Hose joint

Multi layered fluid hose and stainless steel hose joint

Fluorine liner hose

Hose joint

Feature of fluorine liner hose

  • Flexible and bend-resist comparing with mono-resin tube due to multi layer structure. High pressure resistance by reinforcing yarn.
  • It may help easy-to-change material and easy-to-clean by non-adhesion, high repellency and high surface smoothness.
  • It follows Food Sanitation Act (In Japan only).

Feature of hose joint

  • Wetted material is stainless steel to be used for any kind of liquid.
  • It's designed for our fluid hose PHF/ PHU/PHN series.
  • It follows Food Snitation Act (In Japan only).

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